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Thinking Green Landscaping is committed to providing the very best landscaping services in Homestead, FL. With over 30 years of experience in this field, there is no home too complex for us to handle. We are extremely flexible in our services. Whether you live in a sprawling estate, or a simple one bedroom home, we are ready and willing to service your needs.

Landscaping is evolving tremendously. The current trend is leaning towards more environmentally friendly installations. Thinking Green Landscaping is right on the cutting-edge of this innovation, so if you want to make your exterior greener in every sense of the word, we are ready to make it happen.

The most common eco-friendly installations we are asked to provide are solar panels. There is a wide range of options when incorporating these into your landscape. Thinking Green Landscaping can affix these to the lights in your front yard to make them completely self-sufficient. Another possibility is to create a walkway out of solar panels to capture more energy. Our professional electricians can route the energy from these installations to your home, or to a separate generator.

A more complex, but entirely doable, green solution we can install is a rainwater well. With this system, Thinking Green Landscaping routes the collected rain from your gutters, and pumps it into an underground storage container. This storage container can link to your sprinklers, or into your home’s plumping filtration system for drinking and cleaning.

All of these solutions will not only limit your carbon footprint, but they will also offer incredible economical benefits as well. Reduce the amount you need to spend on your water and electricity bills to a low figure with assistance from Thinking Green Landscaping. Get in touch with us today to start the home improvement process.

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